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Your pilot and guide Manfred Lobenwein was born in Lienz, giving him an in depth local knowledge of East Tirol and the Lienz Dolomites from every angle!

He is fascinated by nature and the outdoors, as well as being hugely passionate about sports and mountain life. His greatest loves are flying and skiing, and managed to turn his passions into a career as he founded AIRTIME AUSTRIA in 2011, under the motto “it’s all about the passion”.

Manfred made his first flights in a paraglider as a teenager and completed the “basic paragliding course” in 1998. A few years later, and after many hours of training he completed the “special pilot’s license” and the “intercity license”. In 2006 Manfred successfully completed his training as a tandem paragliding pilot, after which he continued to gain experience flying in pairs in many different regions. In 2011 he founded AIRTIME AUSTRIA-Professional Tandem Paragliding in East Tirol, his own paragliding company.

During this period of time Manfred flew in the Austrian Paragliding League and took part in the Red Bull Dolomitenmann competition several times, celebrating some successes along the way.

As a consequence of these years of experience Manfred has attained a great level of understanding, know-how, and is well versed in the responsibilities and measures required to fly in a safe and enjoyable manner with his guests. Something that is reflected by the great deal of trust shown in him by all of his guests, whether the activity is on the slopes or in the air.

With AIRTIME AUSTRIA you will be in the hands of an experienced, responsible and diligent professional no matter what activity you undertake. Manfred prioritises safety as highly as enjoyment no matter what the situation!

Airtime Austria - Professional Tandem Paragliding - Lienzer Dolomiten in Osttirol und Kärnten

Frequently asked questions

When and in what situations would I book a private ski course/private training and coaching/ski tour training programme/guiding session?

 “-Anytime, from young children to senior citizens;

In order to enhance your all round mountain experience,

If you want to learn skiing in a safe and professional environment whilst having fun,

If you are motivated to train and improve my own skill,

To learn or improve advanced skills such as carving technique,

To build a strong foundation, resulting in more ease and security in a variety of slopes,

As part of the preparation for a specific goal, for example; race, entrance exam, final exam.

If you want to hone your skills in ski touring or mountaineering, or to focus on improving safety and technique in descending backcountry terrain.

How and when should I book?

You can book via Whatsapp or by telephone (after 17.00) on +43 676 7410 906
It is also possible to book by email at info@airtime-austira.com. The earlier you book the better, in the case of last minute bookings I will do my best to accommodate you in my schedule.

Are there training and coaching courses available for beginners, including people with disabilities?

Absolutely, skiing is for everyone and everyone can look to improve their skills or develop themselves, there are courses available for every guest’s specific needs!

How many people can take part?

The courses are available for 1 person to 6/8 people to take part.
For example, Pirate lessons for 1 person, private lessons or training courses for small groups, race training for up to 9 people,
special training requirements or coaching for companies are available upon request.

What should I bring with me to my lesson?
  • Ski or snowboard suitably adapted to your experience level
  • Ski or snowboard boots in the correct size
  • Ski poles, ideally a little short rather than too long
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Gloves
  • Head warmer/band
  • Backprotector in some circumstances
  • Backpack, with some food or drink depending on the course
  • Motivation and a desire to have fun!
What happens if the weather is bad?

If the conditions are good enough for the lifts to be in operation, the lesson will go ahead as planned! 

In the case of the ski touring/training programme for beginners, even in changeable weather conditions the course can go ahead as planned.

In the case of off piste guiding courses or high alpine tours, the conditions must be suitable and safe in order for the course to go ahead as planned.

Can I participate in a ski tour without any previous experience?

It is highly recommended that you complete your first few Skitours or mountain expeditions with a qualified professional, in order to learn the correct safety protocols and information necessary to ensure a safe experience in the mountains.

Seine Ausbildungen, Diplome und Erfolge unterstreichen und bestätigen seine Kompetenzen:

Flugausbildung Paragleiten
2010: 3. Platz in der Österreichischen Liga/Serienklasse
2009: 3. Platz in der Österreichischen Liga/Newcomer Klasse
2008: 1. Saison in der Österreichische Gleitschirm Liga, Newcomer Klasse – Platz 12
2009: Absolvierung der staatlichen Tandemausbildung
2009 – 2006: Praxisbezogene Jahre
2006: Beginn der Gleitschirm Tandemausbildung
2002: Sonderpilotenschein
1998: Grundkurs zum Gleitschirmpiloten
Erfolge Paragleiten
2010 3er Gesamtrang – Serienklasse – Österreichische Liga Paragleiten
2009 3er Gesamtrang – Newcomer Klasse – Österreichische Liga Paragleiten

Adrenalin Cup Ostravice/Tschechien
2016 Platz 2 in der Teamwertung
2015 Platz 3 in der Teamwertung, Platz 1 Einzelwertung

Red Bull Dolomitenmann
2014 Platz 2 in der Teamwertung Amateure, Platz 3 Einzelwertung Amateure, Platz 10 Gesamtwertung
2010 Platz 4 in der Teamwertung Amateure, Platz 6 Einzelwertung Amateure
2008 Platz 10 in der Teamwertung Amateure, Platz 22 Gesamtwertung Team

Ski Alpin
2018/2019 staatl. ausgebildeter Skiführer
2017/2018 staatl ausgebildeter Skilehrer, Diplom Skilehrer, Landeslehrer Snowboard
2012/2013 Abschluss D-Trainer
2010/2011 ÖSV D-Trainer 1. Und 2. Semester
2010 Aufnahmeprüfung ÖSV D-Trainer
2009 LS2 und Abschlussprüfung
2008/2009 Aufnahmeprüfung TSLV, LS1, Alpinkurs
2007 Anwärterprüfung TSLV – Snowboardlehrer
2005 Anwärterprüfung TSLV – Skilehrer

2008 Ausbildung zum staatlichen Raftguide

Red Bull Snow Kajak
2010 2. Platz und Vizeweltmeistertitel
2009 Viertelfinaleinzug, Platz 12
2008 Red Bull Snow Kajak Debüt