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All offers do not include driveway costs, such as e.g. Taxi costs, tolls, lift tickets for the mountain railways, which vary depending on the choice of starting point!


1 Person

The early bird catches the worm
We start at around 6:00 a.m. by private car or taxi to the Hochstein car park, walk around 10 minutes to the starting point and fly back to the valley at around 7:00 / 7:30 a.m


Flight: 10 – 20 Minutes

total time: ca. 1,5 hours.

Heightmeters: ca. 1.335 m


The classic

1 Person


Attention adventures
Fascinating standard pleasure flight over the sunny city of Lienz with a magnificent view of the Lienz Dolomites and the surrounding mountains.

Flight: ca. 20 Min.

Total time: ca. 1,5 hours.

Spot: Lienz – Osttirol

Starting point: Zettersfeld oder Hochstein

Season: all year around

Heightmeters: between 1.335 m and 1.540 m



1 Person


Our action flight is just right for everyone who likes speed and dynamics.
Wingovers and steep spirals are special flight maneuvers where you really get to feel the centrifugal force.


Flight: ca. 20 Minutes

Total time: ca. 1,5 hours.

Heightmeters. between 1.335 m and 1.540 m



1 Person

Cosy, tasty & good

After a cosy, traditional East Tyrolean breakfast at the Hochsteinhütte, you glide in complete silence and tranquility over the sunny city of Lienz.

Price incl. photo and full HD video package, incl. breakfast, incl. toll fees, drive up by private car or taxi


Flight: ca. 20 Minutes +

Total time: ca. 2,5 hours.

Start: Between 05:00 and 06:00 o’clock 

Heightmeters: 1.335 m


thermal flight

1 Person


Can it take a little longer? During a thermal flight, updrafts are sought and cranked up as far as possible! On perfect days it is even possible to fly a longer distance with a tandem paraglider.


All year around
Flight: ca. 40 Minutes
Total time: from approx. 2 hours.


360 Panoramaflight

1 Person

Around Lienzer Valley

We start with you from the sun deck of the Alps – the Lienz Zettersfeld and fly in the direction of Hochstein, on to the Rauchkofel, over the Lienz valley floor back to the Debantal ridge and from there we glide back to the landing site with the east wind.


Flight: ca. 60 – 90 Minutes

Total time: ca. 2 – 3 hours.

Altitude difference and flight route varies depending on thermals and choice of launch site


Airtime Austria - Professional Tandem Paragliding - Lienzer Dolomiten in Osttirol und Kärnten


Easy & without prior knowledge

A paragliding tandem flight is suitable for everyone. It’s easy and comfortable. You
don’t need any experience or previous knowledge for tandem paragliding. Anyone
who wants to fulfill the dream of flying in the simplest way can experience it with us.

Anyone can fly 0-99 years.

There is absolutely no age restriction for flying, only a minimum weight of 30 kg is required. Our youngest passenger was just 4 years old, and a pensioner aged 78 also fulfilled her long cherished dream with AIRTIME AUSTRIA.

Date and meeting point

You can book your flight ticket by homepage, email, telephone or simply give it as a gift voucher.
We set the flight day and the take-off site depending on the season, wind and weather
conditions and meet at the agreed meeting point.
Depending on the choice of take-off site, we will either take the Lienz cablecar or
drive by car to the respective take-off site.

Launch Preparation

Safety is paramount for AIRTIME AUSTRIA. Wind and weather conditions permitting, the adventure of tandem paragliding can begin.
The paraglider is neatly laid out by the pilot at the launch site and everything is
perfectly prepared for the tandem flight. You will be equipped with the seat harness,
which looks like a large backpack, and a helmet.

Explanation & Instructions

Before taking-off, your pilot will explain the exact procedure for take-off, flight and
landing. A tandem paragliding flight is definitely not a tandem jump or parachute
jump, where you jump out of a plane.
In tandem paragliding, the passenger and the pilot stand together with their legs on
the ground behind each other at the launch site and are firmly connected to each other
by a special device.
As soon as everything has been explained and there are no more questions on your
part, off you go!
Now your flight ticket is issued and then it’s time to board: It’s boarding time, fasten
your seatbelts. Are you ready for takeoff?

Take off - 3-2-1-GO!

When taking off, it is very important that you actively walk or run forward until you
no longer feel the ground under your feet. With the command 3-2-1-GO and only a
few steps forward, the ground slips away from under your feet and you take off!

The flight

Now you are in the air, flying freely like a bird in the sky and experiencing an
indescribable feeling with views that others can only dream of. The world is now at
your feet, you float silently above the town of Lienz and glide past the Dolomites like
the king of the air. This is what freedom feels like!


After a flight time of approx. 20 minutes, you will head towards the runway. Shortly
before landing, you simply straighten yourself up and your tandem pilot will set you down gently and safely on the ground.


Basic physical fitness
min. 30 kg body weight up to max. 110 kg body weight

What do I need to bring:

Good mood 🙂

sturdy, non-slip, ankle-high shoes, hiking shoes are best.
Comfortable leisure wear adapted to the weather and the season
Windbreaker if necessary
Gloves if necessary
Sunglasses if necessary

Good to know

If the tandem flight is postponed due to weather conditions (strong wind, heavy fog,
rain, etc.), an alternative date will be scheduled.
The duration of a paragliding flight can vary due to wind and thermal conditions.

Costs for taxi/lift tickets/tolls are NOT included in the price.
Children and minors can join with the consent of a parent or guardian